2021 Sales Studies

The 2021 sales studies below contain those sales that were included in this year’s Oakland County Sales Study, during the period of April 1, 2018 through March 31, 2020. This study is a comparison of sale prices to assessments, and is used to determine overall market value changes within the Township.

Click here to view the Property Information web site. Click on “Assessing Search” on the left side of next page. Go to “Search Municipal Records By” and use the drop box to select how you want to search for a property (i.e. parcel number, owner name, address, etc.). Then, enter that property information and it will take you to that parcel. Click on the parcel number to open the property information window.

Click Here for the 2021 Improved Sales Lists by Street Name

Click Here for an interactive sales map to search recent sales in a selected radius

Click Here for the Pre-March Board of Review Assessment Roll

If you have questions, the Independence Township Assessing Department can be reached at 
248-625-8114 or by email at assess@indtwp.com