Directions for Assessment and Tax Lookup

  1.  Go to Township website:
  2. On the homepage of the Township website, click on the green “Property Information” button on right above the calendar.  This will take you to the site.
  3. Under “Online Services” on the left, click once on Assessing Search.
  4. At “Search Municipal Records By”: use drop-box to pick how you want to search (ie: address, name or parcel number). Then type that info in the area and your choice will appear below.
    • If searching by parcel number, it will automatically include dashes (i.e. 08-12-345-678).
    • If by address, it can include only street number, only street name, or both. You can also enter a range: (i.e. 6200-6400 Waldon).
    • Using last name will give all owners with that last name.
  5. Click on choice shown in bold and system will load the information.
  6. Immediately under the picture, you can click on Images/Sketch to see pictures and sketches and print the same from there. The print button is at the bottom right corner of the picture or sketch.
  7. Also under the picture are 2 tabs and clicking on either of them will give you the “Property Information” OR the “Tax Information".
  8. When in either tab, you can scroll down to view all data. To print parcel data, click on “print” button at far right in address line.
   If you wish to access the link now, click here.