Special Assessment Districts

A SAD is a defined grouping of properties especially benefited by the improvement.  While statute allows for a township to initiate a SAD, it is typically done by petition of the property owners in a designated area who wish to make an authorized improvement.  The township then acts in an administrative capacity by establishing the district, gathering the cost estimates and plans for the improvement, providing funding or financing for the cost of the improvement, and the levying and collection of the special assessment to pay off the debt.

This guide describes the step by step process for the creation of a special assessment district and its administration.  This document is not intended as legal advice and the applicable statutes should be referred to for all purposes in connection with special assessments and the matters discussed in this guide.

Citizen's Guide to Special Assessment Districts

Appendix I: Special Assessment District Preliminary Petition
Neighborhood Road Improvement Program and Application

Thendara Winter Maintenance Special Assessment District 
Assessment Roll - Thendara Winter Maintenance - Public Roads - District 1
Assessment Roll - Thendara Winter Maintenance and Repairs - Private Roads - District 2