Accessory Buildings and Structures


Each single-family dwelling shall be permitted one (1) attached or detached accessory garage or a combination of accessory/garages, subject to the following requirements:

The allowable floor area of an attached or detached residential garage shall not exceed fifty (50%) of the total floor area (excluding basement) of the principal dwelling or nine hundred (900) square feet in the R1A district and twelve hundred (1200) square feet in the R-1B, R-IC and R-1R districts, whichever is greater.

In the case of a combination of an attached and detached garage, the total allowable square footage shall not exceed the amount set forth in section above.

Placement of Garage/Accessory Storage Buildings

Attached garages and attached storage structures must meet the same setback requirements as those which apply to your home.

Detached structures must be located behind the front of the principal building and shall be subject to the following the minimum yard setback requirements (in feet):

Front 40 40 75 75
Side 10 10 10 50
Rear 10 10 50 75
From Other Buildings (in feet):        
Principal dwelling 10 10 10 10
Other accessory buildings 10 10 10 10
Maximum height (in feet) 16 16 16 16

Accessory Storage Buildings

In addition to an attached or detached residential garage, one (1) additional detached accessory storage building shall be permitted on parcels of one (1) acre or less. Two (2) additional detached storage buildings shall be permitted on parcels greater than one (1) acre.

Size / Floor Area Allowed:

Specific size allowed is determined by lot/parcel size.

To calculate lot/parcel size

Multiply length of property by width of property to reach square footage or use Acreage amount. Click on Printable Forms and Permits for the worksheet specific to lot/parcel size.