Cari Neubeck, Clerk

The Independence Township Clerk is Cari Neubeck.  The position of Clerk in Independence Township is an elected one.  Some of the duties and responsibilities of the Clerk are defined by state statute and include the following:

Keeping Voter Registration File

The Clerk is charged with maintaining a voter registration file for all registered voters in the Township.  At this time, we have 27,180 registered voters.  Currently, a statewide system with registrations and changes flowing from the driver license file has been installed and staff is working daily on reconciling our system with the State system.

Conducting Elections

One of the main functions of the Clerk's Office is conducting all local, state and national elections for the Township.  Due to new State legislation, the Clerk's Office conducts all school elections for those school districts within Independence Township

Issuing Licenses and Permits

The Clerk's Office processes paperwork for various business licenses and permits required by the Township Ordinances.  Some of the licenses/permits that the Township regulates and the Clerk's Office issues are for Massage Establishments, Pawn Brokers, Precious Metal/Gem Dealers, Solid Waste Haulers, Solicitors, Special Events, and Non-Profit Floating Retail Sales organizations.  

Notary Services

Notary services are available at the Township.  In addition, the Secretary of State's Office website provides an approved list of electronic and remote notarization service providers.  More information on remote services can be found at,4670,7-127-1633_95527_95529---,00.html.

Maintaining Custody Of All Township Records

The Clerk is responsible for maintaining custody of all legal documents such as deeds, bids, contracts, judgments, bonds, insurance, personnel files, easements, agreements and the oath book.

Recording And Maintaining Township Meeting Minutes

Recording, publishing and maintaining minutes of the Township Board, publishing notices of special Board meetings, Zoning Board of Appeals and Planning Commission meetings are statutory duties of the Clerk's Office.  Along with these is the keeping of the Townships Ordinance Book which is updated and codified annually.


The Township Clerk is a voting member of the seven person Township Board.  This includes policy making, general township business decisions and zoning related issues.

Preparing Financial Statements

The Clerk is the Chief Financial Officer.  This includes responsibility for maintaining the Township general ledger, issuing warrants to the Treasurer for all accounts payable and special assessment districts, with ultimate preparation of the financial statements for audit and distribution.

Clerk's Personnel Directory

Following is a directory of Clerk's Office employees.  The phone number is 248-625-5111.

Cari Neubeck Township Clerk/Elections                  ext. 203
Courtney Wahnefried Deputy Clerk ext. 202
Linda Vance Finance Director ext. 204
Cheryl Culpepper Assistant Finance Director ext. 210
Bonnie Klobucar Accounting Clerk ext. 205
Suzette Page Administrative Department Aide ext. 233