Fire Prevention Division


To create a safer community by preventing fires from occurring, educating the public about fire safety, and investigating fires that occur in the community. The Fire Prevention Division is committed to providing the highest level of professionalism and maintaining a good working relationships with the community.

Fire Inspections 

The Fire Prevention Division performs fire and life safety inspections in commercial buildings. This allows us to educate business owners and employees on fire safety. Fires that occur in commercial businesses impact us all. In some cases, these businesses do not reopen, which could lead to loss of revenue for the surrounding businesses and the Township. Performing fire and life safety inspections strengthen the resilience of the community.

Public Education 

Education is the key to a safer community. Every year during Fire Prevention month, we visit pre-schools and elementary schools to teach children about fire safety and the role of the fire department in the community. Throughout the year we provide station tours and fire safety talks to groups in the community. We also have a reading program for pre-school and elementary aged children. Our hope is that the message given will be carried with them for the rest of their lives.

Fire Investigations 

The Fire Prevention Division also investigates fires. Fire Investigation is a unique skill and takes a lot of training and time to become certified. Our goal when investigating a fire is to determine where the fire started, how it started, and conclude whether the fire was started intentionally or unintentionally. Unfortunately not all fires can be prevented; taking a proactive approach to investigating fires gives us the information we need to educate the public to prevent avoidable accidents and deter arsonist. Arson is a serious crime punishable by imprisonment and large fines. Proving arson and prosecuting those involved sends a clear message to potential arsonist to think twice before setting the fire. The Fire Prevention Division also assists surrounding communities with their fire investigations when needed.

Other Responsibilities 

  • Enforcing Township fire ordinances
  • Conducting plan reviews on new and updated construction projects
  • Inspecting and overseeing all pyrotechnic shows at DTE Music Theatre
  • Assisting the State of Michigan with fireworks vendor inspection
  • Overseeing the KNOX-BOX® program
  • Assisting the Operations Division

The Fire Prevention Division consists of the Fire Marshal and the Fire Inspector. They are available Monday thru Friday from 7:00 am – 5:30 pm. If you would like to talk to someone in the Fire Prevention Division contact us at (248) 625-1924.