Adopt-A-Stream volunteers monitor the water quality of the Clinton River and its tributaries. Each volunteer is part of a team that visits a specific site to assess physical habitat, river conditions, and life within the river.

Become an Adopt a Stream Volunteer...
Help Your Community Make Informed Decisions and Improve Water Quality!

Assessing the health of the creeks and rivers in the Clinton River Watershed is a pretty big task. The land that drains into the Clinton River covers 760 square miles and includes over 1,000 miles of streams in addition to the 80-mile-long main branch. We live in the most popu-lous watershed in MI and we’re still growing! As our population grows, the potential for complex water quality issues in our watershed also grows.

In order to protect our own health, recreational opportunities and the overall health of the wa-tershed, we must have a better understanding of the impact these problems have on water bodies in our own neighborhoods. The over 60 municipalities, county agencies and nonprofit conservation groups in our watershed are hard at work, developing and implementing plans that will help maintain and improve the health our waterways.

But, we can’t do it alone. Governmental agencies don’t have the staff or funds to continuously monitor each body of water without local community assistance.

That’s where you can help by getting involved and volunteering as an Adopt-A-Stream volun-teer. The Clinton River Watershed Council’s Adopt-a-Stream program is a volunteer-based program that empowers community members to protect local streams and rivers by monitoring their health. Volunteers are teamed up, assigned stream sites, given equipment, data sheets and a collection protocol, and then sent out to gather information on streamside habitats, physical/chemical characteristics and macroinvertebrate populations. Twice a year (May and October) teams of trained volunteers visit their adoption site and collect data. After the initial 3 hour training session each volunteer dedicates approximately 3-4 hours of their time per year.

The data collected is then used by the watershed council, municipalities and the state to as-sess the health of our streams and rivers and make decisions regarding their protection and restoration.

We are looking for individuals who would like to coordinate a site team and team participants. If you would like more information on Adopt-a-Stream volunteer monitoring opportunities or would like to register for training sessions, call 248-601-0606 or send an email to .