Keeping Our Water Clean

Remember, you’re not just walking the dog - Some important tips for keeping our water clean

Did you know that pet waste contains bacteria that makes our lakes and rivers unsafe for swimming and other recreational activities?

Did you also know?

  • There are over 53 million dogs in the United States, which produce 6.3 billion pounds of waste and bacteria per year?
  • Residential lawns and streets are among the highest contributors of bacteria in stormwater, which drains directly to our lakes and rivers?

Southeast Michigan loves dogs, too. Nearly one-third of the region's households have at least one dog. Most of us pick up after our pets to be good neighbors and keep our yards clean. But there’s another important reason to clean up after our pets. Leaving pet waste on the sidewalk or in the yard means that harmful bacteria can get washed into storm drains and roadside ditches and then flow directly into our lakes and rivers untreated.

What can you do? Simple. No matter where you are, dispose of your pet’s waste promptly by throwing it in the trash or toilet.