Notice!!! 1-31-2022

Sanitary Sewer Pump Station Improvements Environmental Assessment

TO: All Interested Citizens, Organizations, and Government Agencies


Charter Township of Independence
Pump Station Improvements
CWSRF Fund Project Number 5753-01

The purpose of this notice is to seek public input and comment on a preliminary decision by the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) that an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is not required to implement recommendations discussed in the attached Environmental Assessment of a project plan submitted by the applicant mentioned above.

Dear Residents,

Maintaining our sewer system is a community effort.  As we camera and clean out Township sewer pipes, we find many items that are detrimental to the function of our sewer lines. These can form into clogs and cause backups in the sewer system. This can be costly to homeowners and we would appreciate your help in keeping our sewers functioning to their maximum capacity.

In order to maintain the quality of our lines it is imperative that toilet paper be the only item flushed into the sewer. Any other personal items can clog the lines and impair the flow. Even disposable diaper/personal wipes can cause problems in the system.

Another common problem we have is that many residents do not keep grease out of the system. It is important to drain all grease and oil into a container with a lid and place it in the trash when cooled. Enclosed is a brochure that gives more information on this subject.

We appreciate your cooperation in this matter. With your assistance, the sewer lines can maintain quality service to Township residents.

Thank you,

Independence Township DPW

Sewer Backup Legislation

On January 2, 2002, Public Act 222 of 2001 came into effect.  This new state law provides procedures that need to be followed in the event of a sewage overflow or backup on your property.  If you intend to file a claim for damages due to a sewage overflow or backup on your property, you must provide the Township of Independence Clerk with the following information, in writing, within 45 days of the date the sewer overflow or backup was discovered or should have been discovered:

  • Your name, address, and telephone number

  • The address of the affected property

  • The date any property damage was discovered or physical injury occurred

  • A brief description of the events and your claim

Failure to provide this information within 45 days of the date the damage or physical injury was discovered or should have been discovered will prevent you from being able to make a claim against the Charter Township of Independence for economic damages.