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 Township Supervisor
Gerald A. Fisher
   Deputy Supervisor
Leanna Cole


Independence Township is legally a Charter Township.  We are thirty-six square miles in size with the City of the Village of Clarkston as an exception at one square mile.  The elected Township Supervisor, elected Clerk, elected Treasurer along with the appointed Directors of  Assessing; Building and Planning; Fire Chief; Parks, Recreation & Seniors and Public Works conduct administration of the Township.  The Township contracts with the Oakland County Sheriff for police protection.  This website provides you detail on each of the above.  You can also find a telephone directory.  Your Township provides virtually all of the same services as a City at a considerably lower tax rate.

The Supervisor serves as the Chief Administrative Officer of the Township.

Supervisor's Office 
Phone : 248-625-5111; Ext. 213

Leanna Cole
Phone: 248-625-5111; Ext. 244

Board Members Needed

Citizens interested in becoming a board member for one of the following boards: Planning Commission; Zoning Board of Appeals; Board of Review; Safety Path Committee; Construction Code Board of Appeals; Asset Disposal Committee; Parks, Recreation & Seniors Advisory Committee; Video Center Administrative Board:
Please send a letter of interest and resume to:

Charter Township of Independence
6483 Waldon Center Dr.
Clarkston, MI 48346

Duties of the Supervisor      

The duties of the Independence Township Supervisor include, but are not necessarily limited to, all of the following. However, some of the identified duties listed below have been delegated to other administrators. For example, the assessment duties have been assigned to the appointed Township Assessor. Duties not so delegated are retained and exercised by the Supervisor.

  • Enforce all laws and township ordinances
  • Manage and supervise township public improvements, works, and undertakings of the township
  • Have charge of the construction, repair, maintenance, lighting and cleaning of streets, sidewalks, bridges, pavements, sewers, and of all the public buildings or other property of the township;
  • Manage and supervise the operation of township utilities;
  • Be responsible for preserving township property, tools, and appliances;
  • To see that all terms and conditions imposed in favor of the township or its inhabitants in any public utility franchise, or in any contract, are faithfully kept and performed;
  • Attend meetings of the board, with the right to take part in discussions. 
  • Be a member, ex officio, of all committees of the township board; Prepare and administer the annual budget and keep the board fully informed about the financial condition and needs of the township; Recommend to the board adoption of such measures deemed necessary;
  • Be responsible for the efficient administration of all township departments;
  • Be the purchasing agent for the township or delegate such duties to another employee;
  • Conduct sale of personal property that the township authorizes to be sold;
  • Assume duties and responsibilities as personnel director or delegate such duties to another employee;
  • Perform such other duties prescribed by law or ordinance or direction of the township board, or which are not assigned to another official in conformity with the Charter Township Act.

Source: Adapted from the Charter Township Act, MCLA 42.10; MSA 5.46.(10)

Township Future Growth

Your Township currently has approximately 36,000 residents.  We expect that our "build out" population will be 45,000.  More than ever it is critical that we plan for the remaining growth.  We are fortunate to have developers in our area who are sensitive to the goals of the community.

For a conscientious approach to future growth we need your input.  Write, call, e-mail us or come to the meetings of the Township Board, Planning Commission and/or Zoning Board of Appeals.  (Click here to see the Calendar, which lists meeting dates and times.)  The phone number is 248-625-5111, the fax is 248-625-2585.