Supervisor Bio

Pat Kittle - Copy Patrick Kittle

Residence: Independence Township resident since 1999

Michigan State University: BA -- School of Criminal Justice 1977
Wayne State University: MBA – Marketing 1985

Spouse: Kim Kittle; Married for 40 years; Masters in Nursing

Patrick – Grosse Pte. North High School / Michigan State University
Paul -- Clarkston High School / Michigan State University
David -- Clarkston High School / US Army
Michael -- Clarkston High School / University of Michigan

Work History: 
Chrysler Corporation: 1977 to 2008 -- Retired . 
Recent History: Director/Senior Manager -- Chrysler Five Star / Dealer Development; Director -- Chrysler Academy / Dealer and Field Training; Director -- Chrysler National Dealer Relations 
Oakhurst Homeowner’s Association:  2009 to 2013 -- President

Guiding Principles:
Open Communications -- People have a right to know what is going on in their community at all times; both good and bad news. 
Citizen Input -- Community feedback is vital for informed decision making. 
Fiscal Transparency -- Residents have a right to know how each and every tax dollar is spent, what services cost, and what services are currently unfunded. 
Flexibility -- Collaborative efforts need to be investigated look for new opportunities to save money while continuing to provide needed services
Leadership -- Order and leadership needs to be established to maintain a professional decorum in meetings. 
Balanced Budgets -- This process needs to be followed for the current year and at least 2 years into the future.
Managed Growth --There needs to be a balance with maintaining a strong residential community and the development of a commercial base to diversify our tax base.
Focus -- Being retired, an empty nester and in good health, my time can be focused on the task at hand … being the full time Independence Township Supervisor.

Business Links to Independence Township:
I have no financial interest to any commercial enterprise that does business in or with Independence Township.

Rationale for Wanting to be Supervisor:
I have been a Clarkston / Independence Township resident since 1999 and absolutely love the area. My four sons spent a big part of their formative years in Clarkston before they moved on with their careers. Having retired from Chrysler in 2008, I volunteered to be on the Oakhurst Homeowner’s Board and was elected President because I wanted to get involved in my Community. I sold my house in March of 2011 and could have moved anywhere in the country to retire, but made the decision with my wife, to re-invest in Independence Township because of the quality of life and the many friends we have met. I was approached by my neighbors and asked to run for Township Supervisor and apply the same management style from my Oakhurst Association experience – with open communications, mandating a balanced budget and continually seeking resident input as the primary drivers of my success. Why do I want to be Supervisor? Because I have reached a time in my life where I can give back to the community my wife and I care for so much.

Office: (248) 625-5111; Ext. 213