Frequently Asked Questions

When can I expect to receive my tax statements?
Summer tax statements should be received by early July of each year. Winter tax statements should be received by early December of each year. If you do not receive your tax statement, please contact the Treasurer's office at

If I don't receive a tax bill, am I legally obligated to pay?
Yes, you are still obligated to pay. If you have not received your tax statement, please contact the Treasurer's office at

If I submit a temporary change of address with the Post Office, do I need to tell Independence Township as well? 
Please contact the assessing department at or 248-625-8114 for all address updates. This will help to ensure that you receive your tax statements in a timely manner. 

Is there a drop box at Township Hall? 

Yes, there is a 24 hour drop box located at the Main Entrance

How do I pay online?
Visit to make an online payment. For more information, visit the Payment Information page. 

Does Independence Township accept postmarks?
Independence Township does not accept postmarks. Summer tax payments must be received by September 14th and winter tax payments must be received by February 14th. Payments received after the due dates will be subject to interest and/ or penalties. 

If my mortgage or escrow company fails to pay my taxes on time, which party for the interest and/ or penalties? 
Michigan Statute requires that any interest or penalties are applied to the parcel. The interest will remain as a balance on your parcel. Contact your mortgage company or escrow holder to work out the payment details.

When are taxes due if the due date falls on a legal holiday or weekend? 
Following a legal holiday or weekend due date, taxes are due the next business day.  

When is the last day I can pay my taxes at the Township?
For the 2020 tax year, the last day to pay at the Township is March 1.  All unpaid taxes are transferred to Oakland County beginning on March 2. Please visit the Oakland County Delinquent Tax page for more information.

Can I delay my summer taxes without paying interest?
It is possible to defer summer tax payments until February 14th. Specific qualifications must be met. Guidelines are detailed in the Deferment Application. This form must be returned to the Independence Township Treasurer’s office by September 14th.

Does the Township offer tax and assessment information online?
Visit for tax and assessment information. 

Should I contact the Treasurer's office with a name/ address change or a Principal Residence Exemption? 
You should contact the Assessing office with those requests at or at 248-625-8114.