Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a drop box at the Township Hall for after hours?

Can I pay by phone or over the Internet?

When can I expect to receive my summer tax statement?

When can I expect to receive my winter tax statement?

When is the last day I can pay my summer/winter taxes at the township?

Should I notify anyone if I change who pays my taxes?

Should I receive anything about my taxes if an escrow company pays?

If I don't receive a tax bill, am I legally obligated to pay?

How is it possible I wouldn't receive a tax bill?

What should I receive if I pay my own taxes?

Is there any way I could delay paying my summer taxes without paying a penalty?

Do you accept postmarks?

Does the Township offer tax and assessment information on the website?

Should I contact the Treasurer's office with a name/address change or a homestead affidavit?

When are taxes due if the September 14 or February 14 falls on a legal holiday or on a weekend day?

How come my escrow company said they paid on one date, but your office doesn't show it paid or it was much later than when the escrow company said they paid?

If my mortgage or escrow company doesn't pay my taxes on time, who is responsible for the interest and/or penalties?