Rachel Loughrin                              Office of the Treasurer
                            6483 Waldon Center Dr.
                            Clarkston, MI 48346

                            Phone: 248-625-5115

                            Hours of Operation
                            8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
                            Monday through Friday 

Treasury Staff:    
Rachel Loughrin, Treasurer 

Kim Patton, Deputy Treasurer
Madison Devine, Office Assistant

The Township Treasurer and staff issue property tax bills and collect taxes for disbursement to the following entities:

  • State of Michigan
  • Oakland Community College
  • Oakland Schools
  • School Districts of Clarkston, Waterford and Lake Orion
  • County of Oakland
  • Independence Township General, Fire,  Police Funds and Special Assessments
  • Lake Improvement Boards
  • Clarkston Independence District Library
  • Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner (Drain Office) 

The Treasurer’s office is also responsible for the collection of Water & Sewer bill payments.

Additional responsibilities include:

  • Investment of Surplus Funds
  • Management of Information Technology
  • Management of Asset Disposal
  • Billing and Collection of Special Assessments
  • Selling point for Oakland County Dog Licenses and Oakland County Park Passes

The Treasurer also serves on and is a member of the Township Board of Trustees. 

The best way to protect the investment in your home or property is to avoid mortgage or tax foreclosure. If you have financial concerns, the following services are available to assist you:

  1. Once you have received your tax statement, contact me early. We can sit down and discuss a possible payment option that might be able to help you.
  2. You may be eligible for our deferment program. This information is on the back of your tax statement, can be reviewed on the Deferment Application in the Forms tab ,the link on the left, or contact me to discuss it privately.
  3. The following sites have mortgage foreclosure assistance:
  4. The Township offers a Minor Home Repair Program for those who qualify. Furnaces, water heaters, roofs and other repairs can be covered. Contact Theresa Gordon, 248-625-8231, at the Senior Adult Advisory Center for more details.

If you do not find the information you need here, please contact our office at 248-625-5115 or me directly at 248-922-6209 and we will be happy to assist you.

Did you know that you can pay your taxes online?


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