Clarkston Independence District Library Board (CIDL)

 August 1, 2012; District Library Agreement
                              District Library Establishment Act 1989 PA 24 [MCL 397.171]  
Township Liaison: Township Supervisor; (248) 625-5111

On  August 1, 2012 the Charter Township of Independence and City of the Village of Clarkston entered into a District Library Agreement to establish the Clarkston Independence District Library (CIDL). On August 5, 2014, an amount not to exceed 1.25 mills ($1.25 on each $1,000 of taxable value), was levied by the voters of Independence Township and the City of of the Village of Clarkston for a period of 8 years (2014-2021) to fund the CIDL for all purposes as allowed by law. 
The CIDL has a 7-member Board comprised of 5 members appointed by the Independence Township Board of Trustees and 2 members appointed by Clarkston's City Council. After the initial term, each CIDL Board member serves 3-year terms expiring on December 31st of the applicable year. 

The CIDL meets once a month at the Clarkston Independence District Library: 6495 Clarkston Road - Clarkston, Michigan 48346.