Construction Code Board of Appeals

Established:  April 7, 1981; [Stille-Derossett-Hale Single State Construction Code Act 230 of 1972]
Township Liaison: Building Official; (248) 625-8111

The Construction Code Board of Appeals hears appeals for refusals by the Building Department to issue permits, or appeals from any other decisions relating to building and/or construction. This Board may also grant a variance* from the specific terms of the State's Construction Code if a literal application resulted in an exceptional, practical difficulty to the applicant and only if a hearing before the Board is requested in writing and submitted on a form provided by the Building Department. 

* A variance is the process by which an applicant can request deviation from the set of rules established in the State's Construction Code based on a hardship.

The Construction Code Board of Appeals consists of 5 members for 2-year terms appointed by the Township Supervisor and confirmed by the Township Board. The Act requires that a member be qualified by experience or training to perform the duties of this Board. More specifically, members must have experience in construction and a working knowledge of the State Construction Code. One member shall serve as chairperson, who shall preside over meetings and hearings. Another  member shall serve as secretary to take minutes of the proceedings of the Board as a public record of all determinations.   

The Construction Code Board of Appeals meets as needed.