Information Technology Oversight Committee (ITOC) (Internal)

Established:  May 20, 2016 [Motion #2016-05-073]
Township Liaisons: Township Clerk and DPW Director; (248) 625-5114 / (248) 625-8222

The Information Technology Oversight Committee (ITOC) serves as a strategic planning, policy making, creative forum, and mediation body to provide goals and policies for Township wide technology and operations. The ITOC will ensure a consistent and a coordinated approach to Township-wide IT/GIS functions, encouraging departments to share data and to eliminate duplicate, redundant efforts between departments. The ITOC and department advisory representatives will oversee implementation of the Township’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system which includes document management and retention components, as well as GIS functionality.

An ITOC chair and secretary is appointed from its voting members who include: Township Supervisor, Clerk and Treasurer, DPW Director, GIS Technician, Planning and Zoning Director, and IT Advisor (Ryan Wolf Consulting).  In addition, there are advisory members who represent the following departments:  Assessing, Clerk, DPW, Finance / Budget, Fire, Independence TV, PR&S, Supervisor, Treasurer.

The Information Technology Oversight Committee meets on a monthly basis and as needed.