Investment Advisory Committee

Established:  January 8, 2013 [Motion #2013-01-008]
Township Liaison: Township Treasurer; (248) 625-5115

The Township Treasurer is charged with the statutory duty of investing Township funds and has discretionary power over all investment decisions. The Investment Advisory Committee, whose members include the Treasurer,  1 Township Board member and 5 Township resident members, is tasked with reviewing the Township's Investment Policy and offering revision recommendations for possible submittal to the Township Board as needed. The Committee also serves as an advisor to the Treasurer regarding specific investment strategies, both short and long term investments, aimed at maintaining reasonable risk while improving return on investment.

The Township Board member is appointed by the Township Board whose term extends through the duration of his/her term as an elected official.

The 5 Township resident members are appointed by the Township Board having 3-year terms upon expiration of the initial staggered terms.

The Investment Advisory Committee is intended to meet quarterly, or on an as needed basis at Township Hall.