Lake Improvement Boards

: Part 309, Inland Lake Improvements, of the Natural Resources & Environmental Protection Act,
                             PA 451 of 1994, as amended [MCL 324.30901 - 324.30929]

Lake Boards are established to implement improvement projects for individual inland lakes located within the Township.  

   Lake Board Members include:

  1. A member of the County Board of Commissioners appointed by the chairperson of the Board of Commissioners of each county in which the lake is located.
  2. A representative of each local unit of government in which the lake is located.
  3. The Drain Commissioner or a member of the county road commission in counties not having a Drain Commissioner.
  4. A representative of the Department of Environmental Quality.
  5. A property owner, appointed by the Township Board, who owns land abutting the lake.

    The Township Board directs the Lake Board to do the following:

  • Institute proceedings to bring about the desired lake improvement.
  • Determine the scope of the project.
  • Establish a special assessment district, including all parcels of land and local units, which will be benefited by the improvement of the lake.
  Active Independence Township Lake Improvement Boards are:
   Clarkston Mill Pond Improvement Board, Upper & Lower
   Township Liaison: Rachel J. Loughrin, Trustee; (248) 821-0575
   Oakland Lake Improvement Board
   Township Liaison: Theresa Nallamothu, Trustee; (248) 892-0210
   Van Norman Lake Improvement Board
   Township Liaison: Ronald A. Ritchie, Trustee; (248) 821-7100
   Walters Lake Improvement Board
   Township Liaison: Paul A. Brown, Treasurer; (248) 625-5115
   Wau-Me-Gah Lake Improvement Board
   Township Liaison: Jose Aliaga, Trustee; (248) 736-7163