Non-Union Employee Benefit Advisory Committee (Internal)

Established:  Adopted: June 3, 2008; Resolution 08-12
                              Amended: April 19, 2016 [Motions #2016-04-059-a and 2016-04-059-b]
                              Amended: March 21, 2017 [Motions #2017-03-055-a and 2017-03-055-b]
Township Liaison:
Township Supervisor; (248) 625-5111

The Non-Union Employee Benefit Advisory Committee was established by a Township Board resolution as a means to provide a mechanism for employees who are not represented by collective bargaining agreements. This resolution was an attempt to provide non-union employees with an opportunity to be actively involved in matters related to their employment benefits. The resolution also sought to provide clarity for any future adverse changes to the employment benefits of Department Directors, Assistant Department Directors, and other non-union administrative staff including Township Deputy positions. Although the original resolution excluded appointed deputy positions, it was amended on April 19, 2016 to include them subject to their at-will employment status and the establishment of their initial salary by the Township Board as per MCL 41.61(2); 41.69; 41.77(5).

The provisions of the resolution calls for the creation of a 3 member Township Board subcommittee, 1 of which is the Township Supervisor or his/her designee to serve as ex-officio and 3 non-union employees to review and investigate any detrimental or adverse change to the employment benefit of the non-union employees that would reduce in value their compensation, medical health care insurance, or have a detrimental effect on any other employment terms of all employees such as vacation, personal time off, and/or retirement benefits and/or qualifications. The specific goal of the committee is to seek input from the non-union employees and evaluate any alternative proposals. A non-binding recommendation agreed to by at least a majority of the subcommittee members will be made in writing to the Township Board for their consideration which may be adopted, rejected, or incorporated into any action taken by the Board.

The Non-Union Employee Benefit Advisory Committee meets on an as needed basis at Township Hall.