Senior Comunity Center Advisory Committee (SCCAC)

Established:  July 21, 2011
Township Liaison: Senior Division Supervisor; (248) 625-8231

The mission of the Senior Community Center Advisory Committee (SCCAC) is to invite adults aged 50+ residing in Independence Township, the City of the Village of Clarkston, and Springfield Township to participate in services and programs that promote wellness, independence, safety and enrichment. 


  1. Proposes recommendations to Senior Community Center management related to the needs of the senior population in the participating communities;
  2. Provides leadership, creativity and services for the senior population; and
  3. Initiates assistance to the Senior Division Supervisor by recommending:
    • Goals and priorities for the use of the Senior Community Center;
    • Assistance in future projects for the Friends of the Independence Township Senior Community Center;
    • Long-range funding and budget management options for the Senior Community Center; and
    • Policies and procedures as requested by the Senior Division Supervisor.
SCCAC membership consists of at least 5, but no greater than 15 appointed members with the age of the majority being 50+ years of age.  All members are appointed for 3-year terms by the Independence Township Board of Trustees upon the recommendation of the SCCAC.  Members must be residents of one of the 3 participating communities.  The Parks, Recreation & Seniors Director, the Senior Division Supervisor, and an appointed Township Trustee serve as ex-officio members.

Regular meetings of the Senior Community Center Advisory Committee are scheduled at 9:00 a.m. bi-monthly (every other month) in the Senior Community Center at 6000 Clarkston Road - Clarkston, Michigan 48348.