Video Center Administrative Board (VCAB)

July 29, 2013 [Motion #2013-07-134]
Township Liaison: Township Supervisor; (248) 625-5111

The Charter Township of Independence and Clarkston Community Schools (CCS)  entered into a Cooperative Video Production Intergovernmental Agreement to establish and provide for the use and operation of a Public Access Television Center (Video Center) by combining resources for the purpose of producing and cablecasting public, educational, and government (PEG) access programming using its cable television channels. As part of this Agreement, the Video Center Administrative Board (VCAB) was created as a separate administrative entity to assist CCS and the Township in the management and operation of the Video Center and PEG channels. VCAB provides recommendations to enhance the value and use of the cable access facilities and channels. In addition, it is responsible for the oversight of the franchise agreements between the Township and both Comcast and AT&T, and provides oversight for all expenditures under the approved budget.

The VCAB has 9 members including the Township’s Television Manager and CCS's Video Manager who serve as non-voting members.

The remaining 7 voting members are:
  • 1 member: Appointed by CCS's Board of Education;
  • 1 member: Appointed by Township’s Board of Trustees;
  • 3 citizens residing in the Township: Appointed by the Township Board of Trustees; and
  • 2 citizens residing within CCS's geographic boundaries: Appointed by CCS's Board of Education.

Members serve 3-year terms and may be re-appointed. The 5 citizen members of the Video Center Administrative Board appoint a Chair, a Vice Chair and a Secretary from its members by a majority vote.

The VCAB meets 4 times per year at the CCS Administration Building: 6397 Clarkston Road, Clarkston, Michigan 48346.