Water & Sewer Ad-Hoc Advisory Committee

Established: February 19, 2013 [Motions #2013-02-066 thru #2013-02-070]
Township Liaison: DPW Director; (248) 625-8222

The Water & Sewer Ad-Hoc Advisory Committee was established to communicate to the Township's Administration and the Board of Trustees on matters related to water and sewer on behalf of the Township's residents. Recommendations received from this committee are to be initiatives that identify standards supporting the goal of utilizing the most efficient methods for Township water and sewer resources and sustainability. The committee is also charged with the task of analyzing the viability of the Township's pricing strategy.  Because this committee is comprised of residents having operational, financial and municipal planning experience, they are also assigned with the task of recommending a long term waste disposal strategy.

The committee consists of:

  • 4 non-voting members:  Supervisor, Treasurer, Finance Director and DPW Director as ex-officio members; and 
  • 3 voting resident members:  Appointed by the Township Board.
The terms of appointment for the 3 appointed resident members will continue until dissolution of the committee or upon notice of their resignation at which time a replacement member will be solicited.

The Water & Sewer Ad-Hoc Advisor Committee meets on an as needed basis at DPW,  6050 Flemings Lake Road - Clarkston, Michigan 48346.