General Rules and Regulations

  • Cemeteries will be open to the general public from the hours of sunrise to sunset each day.

  • No person is permitted to enter the cemetery except through the gate.

  • No person shall create any improper noise, disorderly conduct, carelessness, or any other activity that destroys the peace, tranquility and attractiveness of any cemetery.

  • No children under 12 will be permitted in the cemetery unless attended by an adult person who will be responsible for their conduct.

  • No advertisements of any form will be allowed on cemetery property.

  • Dogs are not permitted in the cemetery.

  • No person shall enter the cemetery premises who is under the influence of alcoholic liquor, and no alcohol is allowed in the cemetery.

  • No firearms are allowed in the cemeteries, except in cases of military funerals or ceremonies by official veterans organizations on federal holidays. All military funerals and ceremonies using firearms must be pre-approved by cemetery personnel.

  • Bicycle or horseback riding within the cemetery gates is prohibited.  Automobiles and other vehicles within the cemetery shall observe the following rules:

    1. Speed limit is not to exceed 10 miles per hour.

    2. Sounding of horns or other warning signals is prohibited.

    3. No parking or driving on the turf or grass is permitted at any time.

    4. Passing of committal (burial) service is not permitted.