Interments and Removals

A burial permit must accompany all interments. Orders for interments will be accepted only by persons responsible.  The DPW will be in attendance and have full charge of all interments within the cemetery.  Not less than 24 hours notice shall be given in advance of any funeral to allow for the opening of the burial spaces between April 1 and November 14 and not less than 48 hours notice shall be given in advance of any funeral to allow for the opening of burial spaces between November 15 and March 31.  No Monday burials will be allowed earlier than 1:00 PM without notice before noon the prior Friday.  Employees of Lakeview Cemetery will open all graves & furnish all grave equipment. All casket burials at Sashabaw Plains Cemetery will be handled by a private company. The DPW will be in attendance and have full charge of all cremation and baby burials at Sashabaw Plains Cemetery.  Saturday, Sunday, & holiday funerals will be accepted at an additional cost.

The DPW shall not be held responsible for errors in location of graves on lots arising from improper instructions of lot orders from owners.  Orders from funeral directors shall be construed as orders from owners. The DPW cannot be held responsible for any mistake occurring from the want of precise instructions for the particular space in a lot where an interment is wanted.

All casket burials shall be within a standard concrete vault installed or constructed in each burial space before interment.  All cremains must be in an urn and buried or placed in a cremation niche.  Scattering of ashes in a cemetery is not allowed.  In no case shall a new casket burial or casket re-interment take place without a vault.

Interments in crypts or mausoleums must be hermetically sealed immediately.

Only one adult casket and one cremation urn or two cremation urns may be buried in a burial space, unless otherwise designated in a cemetery plat existing prior to 10/31/2018, and except for a mother and infant or two children.

No interments other than human remains can be placed in any burial lot or cremation niche.

Arrangements for the payment of any and all indebtedness due to the cemetery must be made before interment will be made.

The cemetery personnel are the only persons who will be permitted to open/close graves or cremation niches with the following exceptions:

  1. When the cemetery is directed to make a disinterment by order of a court of competent jurisdiction and a certified copy of such order has been filed with the DPW Director.

  2. When the coroner directs the disinterment for the purpose of holding an inquest and has filed with the DPW's office his signed authorization to release the body to himself and his lawful agents.