Lot Improvement and General Care of the Cemetery

The sections of the Cemetery are subdivided to provide lots of various sizes and shapes.

To secure the best landscape effects, it is essential that the Cemetery assume the general care of the entire grounds by planting according to plans and specifications.

General care does not provide for the care of mausoleums, monuments, grave markers or any decorative planting, which may be placed on lots, watering of said plantings or watering of sod. Cemetery will be responsible for watering of new sod and seed, and the general care of sod, such as leveling, grass cutting, etc.

Lot owners may have work, consistent with rules and regulations, done by making arrangements with cemetery personnel.

No lot or grave shall be hereafter defined by fence, railing, coping, hedge embankment or depression, nor can trees or shrubs be planted to define corners and boundaries.

Check with cemetery office before you do any planting.  You can call 248-625-4146 to set up
an appointment to meet with cemetery personnel at your convenience.  Potted plants are permitted on graves on holidays (and special occasions by permission of cemetery personnel).  At no time can the sod be disturbed for the placing of such potted plants.  Cemetery personnel reserves the right to remove such plants when necessary.

Grave Decorations and Plantings

For easy maintenance, we recommend putting all plantings in a concrete urn, to the side of the marker.  Flowerbeds may be planted at the head of grave by marker, on graveside, not to exceed 12 inches from marker.  Plantings at the foot of the grave are not permitted.  SHRUBS OR PLANTINGS WITH THORNS ARE NOT PERMITTED.

No wooden headboard, trellises, ornaments, wire arches, glass containers, metal forms, crockery, tin cans, artificial flowers, toys or any other unsightly object are permitted upon any lot or grass. Must have cemetery personnel approval for any temporary placement of above.

Any unsightly vase or object shall be removed by cemetery personnel without notice.

Grave blankets and artificial flowers are allowed November 15 through April 1.

Planting flowers on graves, or otherwise disturbing or destroying the sod, releases the cemetery from all obligations for reseeding the grave without charge.  Lot owners who plant flowers and then fail to have them properly watered, trimmed and free from weeds, are hereby notified that the cemetery reserves the right to remove neglected plants from beds, graves, vases and urns as soon as they become objectionable.

No trees or shrubs shall be planted on lots or graves, or any tree cut down or' removed without approval of cemetery personnel.

The Township Board has no desire to interfere with the tastes of patrons in regard to the style of their improvements, but in justice to the interest of all, they reserve the right, given them by law, to prevent or remove any structure or object, which the cemetery personnel shall deem not in keeping with the general appearance of the cemetery.