Purchase of Lots

Persons desiring to purchase lots are invited to visit the cemetery where the cemetery personnel will aid in making a selection.  It is suggested you call 248-625-4146 for a specific appointment time to meet with cemetery personnel.

All sales shall be evidenced by a form approved and executed by the township clerk or the clerk's designee, hereafter to be known as the DPW.  Sales of cemetery plots or burial spaces grant a right of burial only and do not convey any other title to the lot or burial space sold.

Each burial space fee shall be determined by resolution of the township board setting the schedule of fees for nonresidents and for township residents.  A township resident is defined as a person who has lived in Independence Charter Township for a minimum of one year and provides corresponding documentation.  A township resident is also defined as a former resident who lived in Independence Charter Township for a period of five or more years and provides corresponding documentation.

Repurchase of Lots

The township can repurchase any cemetery plots or burial space from an owner for the original purchase price or one-half of the current price, whichever is less, upon written request of said owner or the owner's legal heirs or representatives.