Roads Within the Township

The public roads within the township are owned and maintained by the Road Commission of Oakland County (RCOC).  Private roads within the township are the responsibility of the homeowners whose homes live along the private roads.  The following link identifies roads within the township.
Road jurisdiction status map

RCOC Contact information
Constituents who need information about a road project or want to report a pothole, traffic-signal problem or other road/road-right-of-way problem should call RCOC's Department of Customer Services toll free at:  877-858-4804  OR can fill out a report via the RCOC website: 

Current RCOC Road Improvement Projects
In general, any current road improvement projects are featured in the front page news section of the township's website. Click this link to view the Road Commission's County Road Projects.

Neighborhood Road Improvement Program
One of the RCOC more frequent questions is, "How do I get my subdivision street repaved?"  There is a Neighborhood Road Improvement Program (NRIP) for county-owned roads that may be in disrepair within a neighborhood.  This program application is explained on the Special Assessment District (SAD) page within the Assessing Department's webpage.  RCOC produced an informational video about its Special Assessment District (SAD) subdivision repaving program that is available on the RCOC's YouTube channel at: